March 17, 18, 19 / 2017

Canadian Onroad Nationals

Race Classes *

    CANADIAN VINTAGE TRANS AM (and/or) US VINTAGE TRANS AM - 4WD Late 60's to Early 70's Pony Car
    USGT - 4WD (or FWD) GT Car
    GTP STOCK 1:12 - RWD Grand Touring Prototype
    GTP SUPER STOCK 1:12 - RWD Grand Touring Prototype
    FORMULA 1 - RWD Formula 1
    NOVICE - Beginners & Novice drivers. Any of the above chassis are permitted. A high minimum lap time will be set for this class to encourage drivers of higher skill level to run in a more appropriate class. If a driver does a lap faster than the minimum time set, the lap will not count and the time will be added to the next lap.


    * Classes are subject to change at any time.

Practice Day

  • There will be an open practice on Thursday, March 16, 2017.
  • This practice is included in your entry fees as long as you are paid before the Early Bird Deadline of midnight, Sunday, February 12, 2017
  • Practice fees of $10.00 for drivers not paid by the Early Bird Deadline.
  • Practice will be open, meaning all classes could be on the track at the same time, so please respect your fellow drivers. Some of the slower cars may not see the faster ones coming up behind them, so please keep an eye on traffic.
  • Practice times are from 12:30pm to 9:00pm (subject to change at any time).

Track & Pit Notes

  • Race to be held at the Centre Court of the Seaway Mall 800 Niagara Street, Welland, Ontario (click here for maps)
  • Permitted traction compound = Jack The Gripper, SXT 3.0, Sticky Fingers, Gravity RC.
  • Pit tables, chairs, & power sources will be provided
  • Bring your own extension cords & power bars
  • LiPo battery sacks for charging are highly recommended, but not mandatory.

Entry Fees and Forms

  • Entry fees are: First Class = $60 CAD, Each Additional Class = $25 CAD (Touring Car Stock and Open are an additional $30 CAD and includes one set of spec tires per class entered. Extra sets of tires are $35 CAD each. Maximum number of sets per class is 2 for qualifying and mains. ** NOTE ** If you wish to use a single set of tires for multiple classes, please contact race organizers so we can give you the apropriate price break on the affected classes. The rims will get a tag for each class entered, but that single set of tires will count as 2 sets - one for each class entered towards your maximum sets.

  • ENTRY DEADLINE is Midnight, Sunday, March 12 / 2017.

  • EARLY BIRD DEADLINE is Midnight Sunday, February 12/ 2017. If your Payment is received no later than midnight of this date you will be able to attend an open practice on Thursday evening, March -- at no additional cost. You will also be permitted to pick a personalized car number (first paid, first serve). There may also be additional Early Bird bonuses to be announced at a later date. Any entry after the Early Bird Deadline will receive a car number at race officials choosing. ** NOTE ** There will be no refunds after the Early Bird Deadline of Midnight Sunday, February 12 / 2017.

  • Please make sure your payment is received before the Final Entry Deadline of Midnight, Sunday, March 12 / 2017. Registering for the event will get you on the drivers list, but payment must still be received before the entry deadline to get you a spot in the event.

  • A late fee of $40 CAD will apply for anyone registering after the final Registration Deadline - Midnight, Sunday, March 12 / 2017.

  • Entry forms can be mailed to Digital Detail, 23 Hagar St, Welland, ON. Canada, L3B 4J7
  • Cheques are to be made out to Digital Detail and can be mailed to Digital Detail, 23 Hagar St, Welland, ON. Canada, L3B 4J7
  • Entry fees through PayPal send to
  • Entry fees through EMT (Email Money Transfer) send to

  • An entry form in .pdf format that can be printed and mailed will be linked here when registration is opened.

    Local Accommodations

    Canal Inn

    870 Niagara Street, Welland, Ontario - 905-732-4811
    (less than 2 minutes away)

    Welland Inn & Conference Centre

    1030 Niagara Street, Welland, Ontario - 905-735-6666
    (less than 3 minutes away)

    Best Western Plus Rose City Suites

    300 Prince Charles Drive, Welland, Ontario - 844-664-6191
    (10 minutes away)

    Best Western Plus Cairn Croft Hotel

    6400 Lundy's Ln., Niagara Falls, Ontario - 905-356-1161
    (20 minutes away)

    Personal Transponder Chart

  • MRT transponders will work with the decoder we are using.

  • Tentative Event Schedule

    Subject To Change

      Thursday, March 16 / 2017

    • Open Practice - $10 12:30pm-9:00pm
      (free, if paid before Earlybird Deadline)

      Friday, March 17 / 2017

    • Sign In 9:00am-9:00pm
    • Controlled Practice 9:00am-4:00pm
    • Drivers meeting and group picture - 4:00pm
    • Round 1 4:30pm-9:00pm
    • No Resort (round 2 will be the same as round 1)

      Saturday, March 18 / 2017

    • Open Practice - 7:00-7:55am
    • Round 2 - 8:00am start
    • Resort after Round 2
    • Round 3
    • Resort after Round 3
    • Round 4 - 7:30pm end (aproximate)
    • Prize Draw at Boston Pizza

      Sunday, March 19 / 2017

    • Open Practice - 7:00-7:55am
    • Remainder of Round 4 if needed - 8:00-10:00am
    • Round 5 -Mains - 10:30am-4:00pm
    • Trophies and pictures - 10:30pm-4:00pm (each main will be awarded trophies and have pictures taken immediately after their race and marshalling duties are complete)
      ** There will be NO bump ups in the mains **


        Apr. 2 / 2016
        USGT & USVTA Rules Update: The min. weight for USGT has been changed 1380g. There is now a list of approved bodies for USGT. USVTA min. weight has been changed to 1450g
        Apr. 2 / 2016
        2017 Dates: The dates for the 8th running of the Canadian On-Road Nationals have been book with the Seaway Mall. The 2017 event will take place on March 17th to the 19th.

          For further information
          contact the race organizers at: