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Rules CanAm Stock TC

Any ROAR approved hard cased 2s, 7.4v nominal LiPo. Batteries can be tested at any time by officials and must not exceed a maximum of 8.40v.

Any body that falls within the Global Body Spec parameters for 1/10 Scale, 190mm touring cars.

The overall height of the body, mounted on the chassis, ready to race, is not to be under the minimum height of 115mm from the tech surface. Overall width of must not exceed 195mm.

Wings - Only one wing is allowed, fixed to the rear truck lit. The rear edge of the wing or side dams may not extend beyond the rear of the body more than 10mm. No part of the wing may extend above the roofline of the body. No part of the wing may extend beyond the sides of the body.

Any 1/10 scale, 190mm wide, 4wd touring car

Handout motor, supplied by the race organizers and to be returned after racing is concluded. Rental fee included in entry fees for this class.

Capped Gear Ratio = Minimum FDR: 5.40

Drivers are responsible for having 3.5mm Male Bullets on the ESC wires to the motor

Race Length
5 Minute Qualifiers
6 Minute Mains

Ride Height
Minimum 5mm

Speed Control
Any ROAR approved ESC that does not have timing advance settings, or ESC's that have a "spec mode" disabling timing advance and have a blinky light to show it's in a zero timing mode

Gravity RC Type C is the Spec Tire for this class . One Set is included with your entry fee. Additional race tires must be purchased at the event.

Minimum 1350gr