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Rules Formula 1

Any ROAR approved hard cased 2s, 7.4v nominal LiPo, maximum battery voltage when tested is 8.40v.

Any post-2000 (year) Lexan Formula 1 body to be used for racing as long as it is mass-produced and readily available to buy at any retailer. All panels must be painted, which includes side pods (if added separately). Barge boards and airboxes must also be attached and painted. Hard plastic parts like mirrors, side pylons or nose-mounted cameras are encourages but not mandatory.

Body must be completely intact as it was intended by the manufacturer. It cannot be ‘extra’ trimmed along the bottom or cut in a way to be lowered on the chassis. The air intakes may be cut out (in the airbox and side pods) but not bigger than the original scribe marks in the body.

A driver’s helmet must be used.

Any mass-produced front wing may also be used. Polycarbonate/Lexan wings are allowed, but must be a scale size. Final wing approval will be up to race officials.

Any Tamiya-style, hard plastic rear wing may be used. While the center plates and mounting section must remain stock, the side dams can be replaced with Lexan or carbon fiber. The shape can be customized but must retain the original leading and trailing design (leading edge must not extend past the leading edge of the center plate; trailing edge must not extend more than 22mm past the trailing edge of the center plates). The rear wing cannot be higher than the top of the air box. Diffusers are allowed but cannot be higher than the rear axle or protrude past the side dams of the rear wings’ trailing edge.

Custom ‘flared’ bodies are not legal.

Any 190mm, 2wd rear wheel drive Formula 1 Chassis. 285mm wheelbase max.

Front and rear independent suspension systems are allowed as long as the car meets the rest of the rules. All front suspension mount points must be located entirely within the body shell (no pan-car front suspension systems). Adjustable link front ends are OK as long as the inner mount point is located within the body.

Any ROAR Approved 25.5 brushless motor. No "Tuning Rotors" permitted.

Race Length
5 Minute Qualifiers
6 Minute Mains

Ride Height
4mm ride height

Speed Control
Only ESC's that do not have timing advance settings, or ESC's that have a "spec mode" disabling timing advance and have a blinky light to show it's in that mode.

Any commercially available, F1-specific rubber tire may be used on a 1:10 scale F1 chassis. Any custom/hand-made tires are not allowed. Wheels must be F1 specific, spoked wheels. No additional aerodynamic dish inserts may be used other than the ones supplied with the body kit. Any tire inserts can be used.

Minimum 1050gr