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Rules USGT

Any ROAR approved hard cased 2s, 7.4v nominal LiPo.
Batteries can be tested at any time by officials and must not exceed a maximum of 8.40v.

Official USGT Approved Bodies (list available upon request)
Daytona prototypes are NOT permitted.
It is highly preferred that bodies are detailed in a race type livery, real or imaginary.
Any scale molded wing can be used.
Lexan wings must not exceed a maximum height of 10mm.
Side dams on Lexan wings not to exceed the top of the 10mm wing height.

Any 1/10 scale, 4WD or FWD touring car chassis.
chassis must have four wheel independent suspension
Any era or brand chassis is allowed.

Important Note
If it's not in the rules, and does not encompass the spirit of slower, controlled racing with realistic looking cars, consider it illegal. This is called the "Spirit of Competition" Rule. The class is based on slower, equal playing field competition with less traction, minimal aerodynamic aids. The final objective is close, fair, wheel-to-wheel racing for all. All decisions of the race promoter or track owner are final.

Gravity RC USGT Spec motor only.
This is a spec motor that you can purchase yourself ahead of time. Motors will also be available at the track to purchase for $80 during the race weekend only.
There is no FDR (gear ratio) limit for this class.

Race Length
5 Minute Qualifiers
6 Minute Mains

Ride Height
Minimum 5mm

Speed Control
Blinky mode must be used.
Absolutely NO "Boost" or "Turbo" is allowed.
Any ESC's used that have a "Boost" setting must be set to no boost with a visual reference for Tech Officials to check that it's in "Blinky" mode.
It is the driver's responsibility to prove that boost is turned off in these cases and cars may be checked at any time by event officials during the course of the event.
If a driver is found to have boost set in the ESC then he/she will be disqualified from the event with no refund.
Only ROAR approved ESCs will be permitted

Spec. tire = Ride USGT Spec Tire RIE24025.
Tires (set of 4) available through Gravity RC with part numbers - SKU GRC124 (pre-mount), SKU GRC125 (tires only)
Only the insert included with the tire is permitted.
There will be a $40 claim rule for this class. We will be choosing tires to tech as we see fit. If chosen, you will be handed $40 in exchange for your set of tires that were raced on the car for further inspection.
No grinding of tread, except for the ridge formed from the production mold.
Any 24mm to 26mm spoked (non dish) rim is permitted.

Four Wheel Drive (4WD) chassis = Minimum 1380g in race-ready trim
Front Wheel Drive (FWD) chassis = No Minimum weight