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Rules CanAm Stock 1/12th

Any ROAR approved 3.7V Single Cell LiPo. Voltage can be tested by officials at any time and must not exceed the maximum of 4.20v.

Any Can-Am, GTP, and WSC body style. If a rollover antenna is used, it must have a blunt end/cap no more than 35cm above ground.

Any 1/12 scale, 2wd Pan Car Chassis. Only single, one piece drive axles permitted.

Can-Am RC Series handout motor, supplied by the race organizers and to be returned after racing is concluded. Rental fee included in entry fees for this class.

Fixed Gearing = 72/58

Drivers are responsible for having 3.5mm Male Bullets on the ESC wires to the motor.

Race Length
6 Minute Qualifiers
8 Minute Mains

Ride Height
3mm Ride Height

Speed Control
Any ROAR approved ESC's are allowed. Only ESC's that do not have timing advance settings, or ESC's that have a "spec mode" disabling timing advance and have a blinky light to show it's in that mode.

JFT 1/12th Scale A38 Blue Stripe Spec Front Tires (Lilac)

JFT 1/12th Scale A38 Blue Stripe Spec Rear Tires (Lilac)

730 Grams